Higher Education 

With decades of higher education experience, Attorney Laurie Giles Shipp has the knowledge

and skill to protect boards, institutions, faculty, & students 


Boards, Universities & Colleges


  • Compliance/Risk Management   

  • Governance 

  • Policy Development 

  • Mediation 

  • Employment Issues 

  • Student Conduct  

  • Board Relations        

Faculty & Staff


  • Title IX Defense

  • Employment issues

  • Tenure Disputes

  •  Contract Negotiation

  • FMLA

  • ADA

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  Students & Parents 

  • Misconduct Defense

  • Policy Disputes 

  • ADA


  • Academic Disputes 

  • Buckley Amendment Disputes 

Value-Based Legal Fees

We believe that the value of the service we provide should outweigh the fee charged. We don't charge by the task. Our legal fees are based on the value we provide in resolving your legal issues.   


We offer no surprise flat rate fees. Before you hire Giles Shipp, you will receive a written statement of your exact legal fees. 

Flat Rate Fees 

We know that no one plans to have a legal issue. We fully understand that for many clients, coming up with a large retainer is difficult, if not impossible. We do not require a large upfront retainer.

No Upfront Retainer 

Payment Plans

We allow you to make budget-friendly affordable payments. You are under enough stress, paying legal fees should not be stressful.