With Age Comes Wisdom, Savings, Discounts & Donuts

Turning 62 makes one stop to think once you realize this is the age you can start collecting social security, not that you should. It puts thoughts of retirement in one’s head, though I don’t see myself ever retiring, at least not any time soon. It has made me look at what benefits older age may afford. I have known about the AARP Dunkin Donuts benefit, one free donut with a large hot coffee, at participating DDs, which I started enjoying years ago at the youthful age of 55. Now I am looking at all the other benefits I haven’t taken advantage of yet. Discounts for travel, restaurants, cell service and technology are some of the benefits I’ve discovered, which is just the beginning of my new adventure into the world of saving. Please join me in enjoying the discounts made available to me and my fellow "senior" friends and share what you already know to be beneficial or find in your searches. Let’s save together.

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