What is a Legal Playbook & Why is it Important?

The importance of having a legal game plan when working as a contract professional.

Preemptively creating a legal playbook not only helps mitigate risk but can eliminate ambiguities in contract terms and help to build a successful relationship with clients/customers. Additionally, by developing and following a legal playbook, contract professionals can determine a fair pricing model to ensure adequate compensation for their time and to protect their financial interests. This allows contract professionals the opportunity to focus on performance and managing client relationships. Risk management is always better than crisis management, and creating a proper legal playbook is fundamental.

To develop the best legal playbook, I would recommend that contract professionals do their due diligence, speak with fellow contract professionals, and develop a network to use as future resources. It is also helpful to consult with an attorney who specializes in contractual law to help create templates that can be used and modified based on specific client needs. It is important to note that creating a legal playbook is only the first step…actually adhering to the playbook is imperative.

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