Should I get a Prenuptial Agreement?

The term prenuptial agreement has been circulating since the news of Bill and Melinda Gates’ decision to end their marriage.

It is a common misconception that prenups are only for the wealthy. However, there are benefits to prenuptial agreements...even for those who are not mega-millionaires.

Below is a list of a few situations where one should consider a prenuptial agreement:

1. People who expect to receive an inheritance or if you have family heirlooms

2. People who make more money than their partner

3. People who make less money than their partner

4. People who have children from a prior marriage

5. If one partner has significantly more debt

6. If you own a business

7. Wealthy people

If you are planning your nuptials and are considering having a prenuptial agreement, contact Giles Shipp to discuss your options for drafting an enforceable agreement to protect your assets!

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