Friday Fact. Parkinson's Awareness Week April 11-17th

Parkinson's Doesn't Just Affect the Person with Parkinson's.

It Affects Those Closest to Them Too.

At least 930,0000 Americans are living with Parkinson's Disease. Each year 60,000 people in the United States are diagnosed- that means every year, 60,0000 families are forever impacted by this horrible disease - for my family, it was 2010 - when my Mother received this life-altering diagnosis. While she did not exhibit any outward symptoms, one thing was clear; she eventually would. We also knew with her decline, the need for care and services would escalate. Worst case scenario - she would need full-time skilled nursing care - reality beginning in 2016, she did (to the tune of nearly 18,000.00 per month). Thankfully, as soon as she was diagnosed, we took measures to prepare for the potential financial and legal ramifications. There are steps families should take to make sure their loved one is protected legally and financially.

  1. Make end-of-life decisions before hitting a crisis. It is always easier to make decisions based on what, if not what is. This will include the types of care and services that are acceptable, should there be a DNR in place and even funeral arrangements.

  2. Speak with the funeral home to discuss the cost. Opening a funeral trust can go a long way in reducing payment stress when the time comes.

  3. Have a general financial and legal power of attorney executed, allowing someone else other than the ill person to conduct legal and financial transactions.

  4. Protect assets with a complete estate plan. Documents to be considered should be a living trust, special needs trust, and a simple will.

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