"Our Offices Were Overrun by Smaller & Whinier Versions of Ourselves Today...."

What is the point of this? It is entirely understandable why this "day" may not be widely accepted or taken seriously by our peers. In a society where something like "National pizza day" is a "thing", the importance of this "day" can be lost.

Bringing our kids to work yields many benefits for their growing minds. Let us be honest; kids mostly see their parents as the people who feed their ever-growing stomachs, who force them to shower, and who save them from the woes of distance learning. But, it is valuable for them to see us in a different light. Seeing their parents at work allows children to observe the many facets of their parents' abilities and skills, and how the lessons they teach at home translate into the workplace. It also opens their eyes as to what lies ahead in the "real" world.

It highlights the importance of teamwork, communication, and organization. It allows them to see how we are all parts of a puzzle, working collaboratively to put all the pieces together. They can observe what the different pieces of the puzzle do, and hopefully, be inspired themselves. Most importantly, the lesson of respect is at the forefront.

Let us embrace this "day", even if our kids sigh and groan in protest. It is valuable for them, and it is valuable for US! We may catch a spark of interest in a particular area that has been ignited in our kids, which will allow us to nourish that interest. Our kids will be watching, ingesting, and learning. So, bring them to work!

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