Moving Forward

Perhaps your child was not even out of middle school when you got divorced, but now he or she is getting ready to graduate from high school. Wow, how time flies! And we all know that the cost of college can be astronomical. If you are like many parents, you are trying to figure out how you will pay for it. This concern can be challenging for divorced parents. But there may be some light at the end of the tunnel. If you were divorced after October 1, 2002, the Court likely retained jurisdiction to decide how the cost will be divided. Here are some tips to get this process going:

  1. Speak to your ex. Remember negotiating an agreement is consistently faster and less expensive than going to Court.

  2. Try mediation- if you are unable to work it out between the two of you- try mediation. Often a neutral 3rd party can help you resolve the issues.

  3. File a motion for an order- this is a formal request to get the ball rolling for court assistance.

Remember, the most important thing is helping your child fulfill their dream- not rehashing the divorce.

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