The first step in home ownership is believing you can own a home. If you can afford to pay rent, in all likelihood, you can own a home. Once you realize the benefits of homeownership versus renting you will know you made the right decision. There are numerous programs available to first-time homebuyers that makes housing affordable. Programs offering financing up to 100% with as little as 1% down of your own money are available. You will realize savings from tax deductions for both interest on your mortgage and real estate taxes, which you would not otherwise appreciate from renting. Even in a flat market you will build equity in your home as you continue to make your monthly payments, which you will realize upon sale, versus no accumulation of wealth when you leave your rental unit. You will not be at the direction or whim of a landlord, being the master of your domain, You make the rules of your home. For years I have asked people to just have a little faith and they have taken the leap into home ownership. For some, they became the first home owners in their families having generationally been apartment dwellers. I say break the mold. Own your home. BELIEVE.

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