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Growing a business is exciting and overwhelming at the same time. 

Business growth and success requires a well developed strategy that ensures strong governance, legal compliance and market sustainability.

We know that a successful entrepreneur is well- prepared, legally protected, and has a concrete plan for success. We do our best to ensure that you fully understand the intricacies of business ownership and have all of the right pieces in place. 

 We offer:   

  • A tailor-made strategic business plans

  • Educational seminars  

  • Educational webinars

Our Services

  • Board Development

  • Governance 

  • Partnership Agreements

  • Lease Negotiations 

  • Strategic Business Plans

  • Venture Capital Agreements

  • Market Analysis 

  • Marketing  

  • Buy-Sell 

  • Compliance 

  • Contract Negotiations 

  • Succession Planning 

  • Human Capital Planning

  • Employee Relations

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Policy and Procedure Creation 

Value-Based Legal Fees

We believe that the value of the service we provide should outweigh the fee charged. We don't charge by the task. Our legal fees are based on the value we provide in resolving your legal issues.   

No Hourly Billing 

What is Hourly Billing Rate; we don't have one!

We offer  flat rate fees- from the outset you will know exactly how much you will speend for Legal fees. 

No Large Upfront retainer  

We know that no one plans to have a legal issue. We fully understand that for many clients, coming up with a large retainer is difficult, if not impossible. At Giles Shipp, LLC  you only need a deposit to get started.

Budget Friendly Payment Plans

We allow you to make budget-friendly affordable payments. we are commited to helping you reduce your stress level as much as possible.  Paying legal fees should not be stressful.