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Divorce Can Be Tough: We Understand The Stress & Anxiety That Comes With Starting Over

We have the experience and knowledge to resolve the issues of your divorce so that you can begin the next chapter of your life stress-free and legally protected.

Navigating Through The Divorce Process Can Be Overwhelming

We know that informed, well-prepared clients fair best. We do our best to ensure that you fully understand the intricacies of the court process and are prepared for what lies ahead; during the process and as importantly, after your divorce is final. 

 We offer:   

  • A tailor-made strategic divorce process plan

  • Educational seminars  

  • Educational webinars

  • One-to-One strategy meetings

  • And of course, a signed copy of What Now? Divorce Planning ; A Step-by-Step Guide to Navigating Through Your Divorce.   


For nearly three decades Laurie Giles Shipp has practiced divorce and family law throughout the State of Connecticut. She is a formidable negotiator, with extensive divorce trial experience. Attorney Giles Shipp frequently serves as a continuing legal education lecturer, instructing attorneys. Lecture topics include divorce trial preparation, divorce negotiations, and attorney ethics. She has been named by the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys to the Top 10 Family Law Attorneys in Connecticut list. Currently, our divorce practice focuses on helping people navigate through the divorce process, and begin the next chapter of their life, prepared and protected.  

The Giles Shipp Team  Has The Experience & Knowledge To Get The Results You Deserve


Value-Based Legal Fees

We believe that the value of the service we provide should outweigh the fee charged. We don't charge by the task. Our legal fees are based on the value we provide in resolving your legal issues.   

Flat Rate Fees 

We offer no surprise flat rate fees. Before you hire Giles Shipp, you will receive a written statement of your exact legal fees. 

No Upfront Retainer 

We know that no one plans to have a legal issue. We fully understand that for many clients, coming up with a large retainer is difficult, if not impossible. We do not require a large upfront retainer.

Payment Plans

We allow you to make budget-friendly affordable payments. You are under enough stress, paying legal fees should not be stressful.  


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